Spreading the word

This broadside announcement reflects the limited extent of medical knowledge of the causes of cholera during the first half of the nineteenth century. Although issued in 1849 during New York’s second cholera epidemic, it is virtually identical to the preventive information circulated in 1832 when the city first encountered the disease.


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  1. Robyn Laird says:

    I have a copy of a letter addressed “to Edward Laird, steerage, passenger in the Rainbow, Belfast harbour or elsewhere”. He came in to NYC. On the other side are three names and addresses, presumably acquaintences in America followed by “Dont stay in New York long. Dont drink largely of cold water when the body is very hot.” Signed by Edward’s father, Wm. Laird, Ballywalter, March 14, 1849.

  2. jditta says:

    Dear Robyn, How wonderful you could make the connection to New York’s 1849 cholera epidemic from that rather cryptic advice to a traveler! Thank you for sharing. -Joseph Ditta

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