Faces of Cholera: “J.B.” or “T.B.”

Image and case study from Horatio Bartley, Illustrations of Cholera Asphyxia in its Different Stages, Selected From Cases Treated at the Cholera Hospital, Rivington Street (New York: S.H. Jackson, 1832).  The initials on the image and case study differ slightly, but this is probably a typographical error.


“T.B. aged 40, born in England; temperate drinker. This man walked into the Hospital on the 25th of August, 10 o’clock P.M. and requested lodgings for the night, as he felt bad. In half an hour he was observed to rub his bowels and shortly after was attacked with cholera symptoms; cramps came on, and his extremities became cold; countenance and eyes sunken, pulse scarcely perceptible. Frictions with hot vinegar and cayenne pepper to the extremities and abdomen; and Sinapisms to the Epigastro. 11 o’clock, seems better and perspiring. 26th 1 o’clock, every symptom of colapse [sic] fully developed: pulse gone. Every thing was done that was necessary; and he died on 26th 10 o’clock P.M. after an illness of 12 hours.”

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