Faces of Cholera: “J.V.”

Image and case study from Horatio Bartley, Illustrations of Cholera Asphyxia in its Different Stages, Selected From Cases Treated at the Cholera Hospital, Rivington Street (New York: S.H. Jackson, 1832).  


“J.V. aged thirty-two, born in England, blacksmith; purging came on yesterday, and spasms and vomiting this morning; countenance sunken; surface cold; pulse scarcely perceptible; tongue cold and covered with yellow fur; spasms in the legs; admitted 27th July, at half-past ten o’clock, A.M. in state of colapse [sic]. Was ordered camphorated mercur. frictions; sinapisms to the abdomen. Was under medical treatment until 27th, and died at half past eight o’clock P.M. after an illness of ten hours.”

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